contur.config package


contur.config.config module

Global configuration class setting default behavior, importing contur loads all of the following

Module members

Where these are settable from the command line. See `contur --help` for documentation.

  • buildCorr (bool) see `-u`

  • useTheory (bool) see `--th`

  • theoryOnly (bool) see `--to`

  • useTheoryCorr (bool) see `--xtc`

  • expectedLimit (bool) see `--el`

  • vetoAnalyses (string) see `--ana-match`

  • onlyAnalyses (string) see `--ana-unmatch`

  • excludeMETRatio (bool) see `--xr`

  • excludeHgg (bool) see `--xhg`

  • excludeHWW (bool) see `--xhw`

  • excludeAWZ (bool) see `--awz`

  • excludeBVeto (bool) see `--wbv`

  • excludeSearches (bool) see `-s`

  • splitAnalysis (bool) see `--ana-split`

  • gridMode (bool) see `-g`

  • weight (string) see `--wn

  • binwidth see `--BW`

  • binoffset see `--BO`

  • blocklist (default {“MASS”,”STOPMIX”}) see `--S`

Stats/fitting, parameters, see `contur --help`

  • min_np

  • min_num_sys

  • min_syst

  • ll_prec

  • err_prec

  • n_iter

Batch system

  • using_condor

  • using_qsub (Default)

  • using_slurm

These are used by `contur-plot`

  • contour_colour

  • mapfile (default “”)

  • map_colorCycle (set to None, will be initialised from colour config if a pool name is unrecognised)

Default file names

  • mceg (default “herwig”)

  • mceg_template (default “”)

  • paramfile (default “params.dat”)

  • tag (default “runpoint_”)

  • unneeded_files (default [“”,”Looptools.log”, “”, “mgevents”]) These files will be removed when runing `contur-gridtool`

  • param_steering_file (default “param_file.dat”)

  • summary_file (default Summary.txt)

  • output_dir (default ANALYSIS)

These are used internally, set from other conditions.

  • refLoaded (bool) – Flags whether the (yoda) reference data for this run has been loaded yet.

  • silenceWriter (bool) – Disables a lot of plotting output, for when it is not needed (eg in grid mode).

  • contur_log (logging.logger) logger object


set up the logger object


filename – name of log file

contur.config.paths module


Get the complete path to a sub-path in the Contur installation


Get the root path of the contur installation

Module contents