Electroweak SUSY points highlighted by GAMBITΒΆ

Tetiana Berger-Hrynova, Andy Buckley, Jon Butterworth, Louie Corpe, Benjamin Fuks, Anders Kvellestad, Tomas Gonzalo, Melissa van Beekveld, David Yallup

See the contribution Search and measurement complementarity in the Les Houches 2019 proceedings [83].

The Gambit allowed points

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x40.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png

and the Contur disfavoured points

../../_images/mesh_gambit1.png ../../_images/mesh_gambit3.png ../../_images/mesh_gambit2.png

The SLHA files for these parameter points are available here