Electroweak SUSY points highlighted by GAMBITΒΆ

Tetiana Berger-Hrynova, Andy Buckley, Jon Butterworth, Louie Corpe, Benjamin Fuks, Anders Kvellestad, Tomas Gonzalo, Melissa van Beekveld, David Yallup, Tony Yue

See the contribution Search and measurement complementarity in the Les Houches 2019 proceedings [126].

The Gambit allowed points

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x40.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png

and the Contur disfavoured points with latest update:

The new analyses recently added to Rivet and Contur have increased the sensitivities on the points with higher masses as well as the compressed and high-mass-difference regions in the \(\chi_1^0\) and \(\chi_1^+\) mass plane.

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x401.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x201.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x201.png

The contributions of the new analyses to the CL of the mass parameter spaces can be visualised by the following dominant pools plots:

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x40dominantPools.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x20dominantPools.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x20dominantPools.png

It can be seen that the increase comes from several sources. The new four-lepton measurements (ATLAS_13_4L) the like-flavour dilepton+jet (ATLAS_8_LLJET), and unlike flavour dilepton, missing energy (with and without jets) (ATLAS_13_L1L2 and ATLAS_13_L1L2JET) all have an impact.

The SLHA files for these parameter points are available here