Electroweak SUSY and Global Fits (2023)ΒΆ

GAMBIT Collaboration, and Tetiana Berger-Hrynova, Louie Corpe, Benjamin Fuks, Melissa van Beekveld, David Yallup, Tony Yue

Contur is interfaced to GAMBIT, and was used in Collider constraints on electroweakinos in the presence of a light gravitino [109].

Other results are discussed below.

See the contribution Search and measurement complementarity in the Les Houches 2019 proceedings [128].

The Gambit allowed points

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x40.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x20.png

and the Contur disfavoured points with latest update:

The new analyses recently added to Rivet and Contur have increased the sensitivities on the points with higher masses as well as the compressed and high-mass-difference regions in the \(\chi_1^0\) and \(\chi_1^+\) mass plane.

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x401.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x201.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x201.png

The contributions of the new analyses to the CL of the mass parameter spaces can be visualised by the following dominant pools plots:

../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mC1_mN1__3sigma__40x40dominantPools.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN2_mN3__3sigma__20x20dominantPools.png ../../_images/slha_grid_plot_mN4_mN3__3sigma__20x20dominantPools.png

It can be seen that the increase comes from several sources. The new four-lepton measurements (ATLAS_13_4L) the like-flavour dilepton+jet (ATLAS_8_LLJET), and unlike flavour dilepton, missing energy (with and without jets) (ATLAS_13_L1L2 and ATLAS_13_L1L2JET) all have an impact.

The SLHA files for these parameter points are available here