Two Higgs-Doublet Dark Matter Model with Pseudoscalar MediatorΒΆ

Jon Butterworth, Louie Corpe, Martin Habedank, Deepak Kar, Priscilla Pani, Andrius Vaitkus

This model [116] is well known and used within the LHC Dark Matter working group, and by ATLAS [27] and CMS [218].

The major results and discussion are in A study of collider signatures for two Higgs doublet models with a Pseudoscalar mediator to Dark Matter [138] (JMB, MH, PP, AV), which supersedes a study of the model presented in the Les Houches 2019 proceedings [126]: (Sensitivity of LHC measurements to a two-Higgs-doublet plus pseudoscalar DM model).

The model was also used in Determining sensitivity of future measurements to new physics signals (LC, DK), in the same proceedings.

For convenience, the model files are also available in the Contur installation in the Pseudoscalar_2HDM directory here

Below is Figure 2 of the paper (see the paper for explanation) along with an update for Contur 2.2.x/Rivet 3.1.4. The increased sensitivity due to the ATLAS Run 2 measurements and the dilepton search can be easily seen.