Running on SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA) filesΒΆ

(Currently 1.1.x development only.)

Rather than taking its parameters directly from param_file.dat, contur can run over all SLHA files in a given directory. To tell it to do this, your param_file.dat should look like this:

#Based on configObj python template
generator ='[path to my environment setup]'
contur ='[path to my contur directory]'

mode = DIR
name = "/work/myslha/files"

where the SLHA files are all in the /work/myslha/files directory.

The file then does not need to contain explicit parameter settings, but must have the lines:

# read model
read MSSM.model
cd /Herwig/NewPhysics

setup MSSM/Model {slha_file}

To make heatmaps and store parameters from the SLHA files, see the -S SLHA option, where SLHA is the name of the SLHA parameter block required (so far only tested with the MASS block). If the SLHA files are unevenly space, you may also wish to rebin the heatmap points using the -BW and -BO options.